Allison in Wonderland

Who the fuck is Allison?

Who the Fuck is Allison?
Who the fuck am I? Well that’s a good question, I’m glad you asked.
I’ve been on on a journey to discover myself after some really hard times, join me in my magical journey to find mainly me, my lost love life, maybe some fun and mindless self indulgence the middle? a place where I belong.

What I do know about myself: I am a lesbian vegan cat lover. I’m empathetic, caring, funny, resourceful. I am Russian born living in Israel for over 26 years, I live in Tel-Aviv, a city that never sleeps and is a great place for vegans and LGBT. I’m a cancer survivor, I love to draw since I could hold a pencil. I am an NLP practitioner, I have depression, anxiety and OCD and I am taking care of them.


What is this blog?
It’s like a journey blog where I tell you about my adventures in real life and in my head (you, know, thoughts and such).


What’s in it for me/you?
1. If you are on a journey to find yourself, we can share experiences and maybe links!
2. You could find some useful info and ideas about how and where to search for yourself and what to do if you discover that something needs to be fixed.
3. I think the best way to learn things is to just do them and learn from mistakes, if you are afraid of making mistakes, you can learn from mine.
4. If you are still here I am guessing you have nothing else to do, you are welcome to stay, make yourself at home.

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