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The Fine Art of Throwing Things Away.

The other week I enthusiastically threw away half of my belonging including few of my paintings that I really loved and wanted to keep.
And I kinda don’t care.
Although, there were two things I couldn’t throw away, emotionally, but that’s for another post.

I used to read those manuals and tips about how to declutter my living space.
Get three bag/boxes one for things you are going to keep, one for donations and one to throw away.
And then you have to go over them and decided “Do I need it? Have I used it in the past X years? Is it still good for use? etc”.
They don’t say how to turn off emotions on things you don’t need or use but can’t throw away and you find yourself sitting five hours staring at a piece of garbage just because it reminds you of your 4th grade.

Set aside whatever you want to donate, take a look at things you want to throw out, make sure your driving license, bills, drawings, letters and stuff that you want to keep are not there and just fucking throw everything away.

This year I moved three times and about to move again in a few months, hopefully I can find a nice apartment where I can stay for a longer period. The less shit I have the cheaper my moving is going to be, so that I can buy things that I actually need and going to use.


Here is Amsterdam street few days ago. It was my second time in Amsterdam. Two times in one year. Maybe I should find a wife there 😉

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