out of routine challenge days 2-6

Before I write what I did in those days.
Why am I doing it and why am I writing about it?
1. To challenge myself with getting out of my comfort zone every day.
2. To keep myself in motion. Motion creates productive fulfilling life.
3. To stay productive.
4. writing about it to keep track of my progress.
5. To look on at bad days to remind myself that I can.

day 2.
On Friday I woke up early on purpose instead of sleeping in (no work on Friday!), I went to put my dirty laundry in a laundry place, my timing was so good; on my way with two huge bags full of dirty laundry I met one of the workers, he was on a motorbike, recognized me and took my laundry!

*speaking of motorbikes, I need to finish getting my license. </self reminder>
Then I had few fun hours with a friend, I was using my skills of mindfulness. and was able to enjoy life to its full. We had really good coffee, in two different places, we had some food at the first place and some dessert at the second. I finally felt like I control my life. I decided I am going to have a great day and I did!

Day 3.

A friend called in the morning while I was sleeping, actually sent a message that she and a friend from a previous day are meeting up and I should come. I put my laziness to a side and had another great day!

*Being spontaneous is fun </self note>

Day 4.
I did something that was hard for me. I went to my sewing studio to start and pack things to bring them back to my apartment. I was flooded with memories of about everything that could come into my mind. But I set myself to be there at least an hour, and I was, and I was productive. It was very hard but I am so proud of myself that I set myself a goal and did it.

Day 5.

I let myself have a nap. I’m in a weird relationship with sleeping lately, want to stay awake more, but had to give myself some rest.

Day 6. (today!)
I am going back to volunteering today at a helpline for the lgbt community after a long break.




Short term plans

What I want to do/achieve by the end of 2017:

1. Go to Jerusalem for breakfast and beer in the market.
2. Do theory exam for driving.
3. Pancakes.
4. Get more fit.
5. wake up before 7am.
6. Finish fixing my teeth.
7. Go back to volunteering.
8. Do more good deeds.
9. Give back.

I am missing one, need ideas 🙄


Stop everything! I found a life-changing hobby which I hope to turn to a way of life.
I don’t know much about it when I practice something I have to learn about it.
But first, let me tell you how it practically divided my life to before and after (Always wanted to say this dramatic sentence, so please read it in a very dramatic voice).

Let me introduce you to this app (works for Android, I don’t know about iPhone, but I bet there is a good equivalent))
It is pretty much meditation for beginners, this is a mindfulness type of meditation, known to help with anxiety, depression and such.
From my personal experience, first time I tried it a few weeks ago, was the first time since that whole cancer thing happened that I felt connected to my body again.
An explanation of what I mean to those who never felt detached from their body would be a long philosophical talk about “who am I”, am I my mind, am I my body, am I my thoughts, etc, Long story short, when I was feeling totally shitty during chemo, my mind was dancing, but my body refused to move, so we pretty much stopped being friends.

This is what I experience after meditating: I connect to my body, I calm my mind and clear it of negative thoughts, I calm anxiety and enlarge productivity, clear mind is better for catching muse, which is so important to me.

i used to be lazy and avoiding person before I started all this self-transformation to become a happy person. But yesterday I surprised myself when after work, with two bags I found myself going to the beach to meditate! I wanted to do it in the morning but never had a chance yet. I managed to snap some really ugly pictures, I will post at the bottom of the post.
Meditation was great, the sound of waves, people talking and laughing, the breeze and the warm-beginning-to-turn-to-cool sand.
When I turned my head around after meditation and notice an old dude butt naked changing clothes I didn’t even want to yell at him. Poor bastard probably though that he is invisible in the dark, or a tourist.

p.s looking for a free image host, anyone?