First Post.

My ultimate goal in starting a blog is becoming a happy, productive, self-confident unicorn being.

I thought that after being through some hard things in my life I started losing it. Turned out that I already lost it ages ago.
I signed into an old twitter account to clean it and start a new one, where I found my tweets from over 6 years ago, things like “How to be happier?” “Why life is so confusing”.

But reasons don’t matter now, what matters is how I get myself up and become what  I want to be; which I don’t know yet.
In my search for happiness, I recently found out that people who take pictures of their lives constantly are happier. So next time you get annoyed by another photo of a fancy coffee cup or delicious looking sushi uploaded by your friend, think; maybe you are just jealous?

This blog is going to be my journey to happiness, and like any other person who thinks that the sun shines out of their ass, I hope I can inspire other people on a similar journey.

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